News Release: Sarasota, FL

Clinical trials at Neuro Assisted Recovery are expected to show uniqueness and efficacy of new medication delivery system
Neuro Assisted Recovery, Inc., a Sarasota company specializing in outpatient alcohol and drug addiction rehabilation, is working on the development of three unique medication delivery systems for opiate, alcohol, and cocaine abuse and dependency. The medication delivery systems are designed for patients who suffer from additional emotional problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. The target populations for clinical trails are expected to be young adults, active or retired military, and patients who may be non-complaint or non-responsive to current medications and therapy modalities.

Research ad clinical trials will focus on a delivery system and treatment protocol which cannot be abused (snorted, injected); cannot be diverted; does not reinforce the "pill habit"; and reduces craving/abuse.

"The NTMD maintenance programs are expected to be used in cost effective outpatient community healthcare facilities", says Beverly Rayfield, president of Neuro Assisted Recovery, Inc. and is also an alcohol and drug counselor. "Our goal is to see that more patients are treated at home or on an outpatient basis. We want to help patients and their families avoid the cost of expensive inpatient rehab or hospital treatment, or being treated in hospital emergency rooms - or ending up in ICUs".

It has been reported by the national media that more than five hundred billion dollars has been spent, often ineffectively, to curtail drug abuse, treat dependency and related psychological problems in hospitals, treatment centers and correctional facilities.

Neuro has therapy case studies dating back to 1999. The company is planning on expanding their clinical work, research, and additional case studies in areas related to dually-diagnosed patients. "Our staff recently completed a study of patients who have been in treatment during the timeframe of 2007 - 2010" said Mrs. Rayfield. "Conceptual work and research analysis performed by Neuro staff utilized a random cohort selection of one hundred opiate-dependent patients who were enrolled at an outpatient treatment clinic for pain medicine dependence. The patients were treated with combination therapies, including beuprenorphine and buprenorphine-naltrexone".

The research study reviewed safety, efficacy in support of complete abstinence, relapse rate, and the frequency of comorbidity of depressive and anxiety disorders. Results showed more than 70 percent reported depressive and anxiety disorders, and long-term maintenance (averaging 3.4 years) using low dose medications resulted in less frequent relapse.

Applications to appropriate agencies for clinical trials for opiate/depressive/anxiety disorders, and additional testing involving unique applications of combination medications on humans are contemplated to begin in 2011. Neuro has not yet begun to actively recruit subjects.

Research and clinical trials for cocaine-alcohol treatment has not been performed. Conceptual work has been started, as well as the development of a medication management therapeautic protocol. Clinical trials for testing to show safety will be done in 2011 - 2012 in conjunction with approprated approvals for national distribution.